This is a site where I talk endlessly about my favorite board game of all time, Memoir ’44.  It is not the BEST board game, I suppose.  It is not necessarily the one I LIKE the most, either.  However, in terms of total play time, and sheer quantity of derived enjoyment, nothing comes anywhere close to Memoir ’44.  I have played a game a day, or more, for over two years now, and am still playing.

I discovered Memoir ’44 long after its original release.  It was just after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.  School was out, I was sitting at home alone, aghast at the unfolding Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and somewhat drunk.  It was a time of despair.  On a misguided impulse, I went online and bought a giant box of boardgames that I’d heard about, or had wanted for a long time.  Memoir ’44 was one of them.  I threw it on the list at the end, mainly because it was well regarded and it was 2 player.

My first experience with the game was mixed.  I didn’t really get the fact that you could not move every unit, every turn.  The card system was strange and capricious.  I lost.  My regular gaming partner, however, was quite taken with it, and his enthusiasm convinced me to stick with it.  So I have.

We play most weekday mornings before work.  We play on occasion on the evenings and weekends as well.  We have played through every supplement they released (except the Air Pack), and hundreds of unofficial scenarios as well.  Many of those scenarios have been re-played a number of times.  I have even written my own scenarios.  We have a set of house rules that improve the game substantially.  I think I am probably as knowledgeable and experienced in the game as just about anyone out there, and I want to share my opinions with anyone who is interested in listening.


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