This is a site where I talk endlessly about my favorite board game of all time, Memoir ’44.  It is not the BEST board game, I suppose.  It is not necessarily the one I LIKE the most, either.  However, in terms of total play time, and sheer quantity of derived enjoyment, nothing comes anywhere close to Memoir ’44.  I have played a game a day, or more, for over three years now, and am still playing.

I discovered Memoir ’44 long after its original release.  It was just after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.  School was out, I was sitting at home alone, aghast at the unfolding Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and somewhat drunk.  It was a time of despair.  On a misguided impulse, I went online and bought a giant box of boardgames that I’d heard about, or had wanted for a long time.  Memoir ’44 was one of them.  I threw it on the list at the end, mainly because it was well regarded and it was 2 player.

My first experience with the game was mixed.  I didn’t really get the fact that you could not move every unit, every turn.  The card system was strange and capricious.  I lost.  My regular gaming partner, however, was quite taken with it, and his enthusiasm convinced me to stick with it.  So I have.

We play most weekday mornings before work.  We play on occasion on the evenings and weekends as well.  We have played through every supplement they released (except the Air Pack), and hundreds of unofficial scenarios as well.  Many of those scenarios have been re-played a number of times.  I have even written my own scenarios.  We have a set of house rules that improve the game substantially.  I think I am probably as knowledgeable and experienced in the game as just about anyone out there, and I want to share my opinions with anyone who is interested in listening.

About Me – This blog is written by Leland Davis, a teacher and former academic currently resident in Japan.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Dree

    Hi Leland,

    I just discovered your blog, and I truly like it. Great reviewed and video too!

    Funny how the (card board walls street sound) in the back of the video reminded me of Japan even before I read you live there.

  2. Chris Owen

    Hi Leland, have you any suggestions for a house rule to cater for when you get a hand of useless cards that you can’t play/do anything? We are playing through the base game scenario’s and the other day my friend had 5 cards that he could not do anything with at all.
    Love your videos on all the scenarios. Keep it up. Many thanks. Regards, Chris.

    1. Leland Davis Post author

      Hi, Chris

      I have a couple of suggestions. First off, take a look at my rules regarding Dig In, Close Combat, and Ambush. Those three cards are incredibly situational, and my house rules give them a lot more flexibility — allowing you to play Dig In as an additional card play, and making Close Combat and Ambush interchangeable. These two rules clear up a LOT of problems regarding bad hands. Second, take a look at my custom deck — I think it helps a lot. Finally, there are some scenarios that leave one side or the other in a rather poor situation, where one whole sector is dead, or where it can’t advance, or can’t shoot, or whatever. Some scenarios are just not all that fun to play, for one side or the other. This is not the same as imbalance — as you can see, I think Omaha Beach is incredibly fun to play, though it is grossly imbalanced. My suggestion here is to not play scenarios that are bad! I know, it’s not that helpful, but still.

  3. Chris Owen

    Hello Leland, thanks for your reply. I’ll have a look at all that. I’ll need to buy the breakthrough deck ideally then. What are your thoughts on the most effective solitiaire rules? Do you think the game is playable solitaire? I have seen many suggestions on BGG and was wondering on your opinion of these? All the best. Chris.

    1. Leland Davis Post author

      Well, you could just get a second deck of regular cards from the DoW site, and use them as proxies. The breakthrough rules with the card variants are available online. As for solitaire play, I don’t think this is the best game for that. There is too much hidden information. Knowing what cards your opponent has allows you to make better moves, because you can move up in sectors where they have fewer activations. While some individuals are able to play as if they do not have that knowledge, I certainly cannot.

  4. Blue

    I was recently playing Sidi Regezh Airfield as the Germans. They begin with no forces on the right flank, And yet I got a hand full of right flank cards. Any suggestions?

    1. Leland Davis Post author

      That is flat-out a bad scenario, in a pack with many bad scenarios. Even with my custom deck, there is a chance of ending up in a situation like you did, where there is simply nothing that can be done.

      My advice is to look at the scenario beforehand, and if one side or the other has no units on a side (which is very rare in official scenarios, fortunately), skip it.

  5. Blue

    Hi Leland,
    Yesterday I got the Terrain Pack (Even though I own Mediterranean, Pacific and Winter- my bad!) I’ve played through all the scenarios in it, but I’m looking for a good scenario that utilizes a lot of those new rules. Any suggestions?

    1. Leland Davis Post author

      Hi! Sorry it has taken me forever to respond to this. I’ve not been in a position to actively update the site in a while. My first recommendation for terrain-heavy scenarios would be the Monte Cassino scenarios available in the database. Snakehead Ridge makes interesting use of mountains, and the scenario focused on the Maori assault on the train station does intereting things with the flooded field rules.


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